Once i was in love 💙

– [ ] there comes a point in my life that I’ve been inlove with someone whom I didn’t even see his face, where there is no assurance of being together. i was fooled and im never ashamed of that. I always think of an answer why did it happened to me? why me? why long distance relationships? why him? then it goes in me that, i am strong, i am loyal and i am me. in the middle of our relationship we had downfalls and here we are picking each other’s pieces and helping it back into its original shape. the feeling was different, having someone you talked to every single day of your life yet not seeing them in person, sharing deepest secrets with each other and crying over something stupid afterwards, someone who’s willing to gave you every single thing in this world, someone you shared your laughters with and everything it seems like he’s been my human diary, he knows me well, he’s knows my everything, he’s there (always) for 2 years and 5 mo we shared love and so much for that. imagining things with each other in some time. felt like someone knew you very well, inside and out but never tried to be with you. i am waiting, still waiting for years now. and the time comes when he decided to come with me and be with me. yes, he did try it but sadly it didn’t succeed because maybe he had some personal reasons why. at first i was disappointed, very much but as time goes by I’d realized no need to act and feel like teenagers anymore. i now understand why he didn’t make it, why he didn’t push it, why he didn’t pursue it. and I’d be better stay quiet because its the best way i can help. I can’t blame every single thing to him because he didn’t make it, for now all i have to do is to understand why did he do that. i also thank him for everything, for showing some little efforts he put in some time, the sincerity that I felt, the love, the care, support and all. thank you for sharing your life with a stranger like me. thank you for the experienced like this. you will always be my one true long distance relationship man!!!! 💞 thank you for the butterflies in the stomach!!! love you always!