I dream to be..

I dream to be a traveler, who would savour the worlds best.
I dream to be an actress, where everyone would love to watch me in the screen.
I dream to be a writer, that people buy my books and would see their smile as i inspire them.
I dream to be billionaire, buy all of the thibgs i never had.
I dream to have my own charity where i can gave what i have.

Dreams. Dreams. Dreams!

PS: Photo’s are not mine


Beachin’ 🐚

it’s summer loves! how was the heat of the sun? ☀it was 5am in the morning when i thought of going into the beach. as i stared into the blank expression of the water facin’ me i come to realize that life is like a beach

sometimes you are calm, sometimes you are not.

inside ourselves there hides a million feelings we had just like the ocean it has many different species deep down there. oceans are mysterious just like you yourself. life is like an ocean some people might leave their footprints to it but as time passes by waves (those waves were the circumstances we face) will come and fades them up, only those who stand still and never leave remains.
Enjoy being an ocean, its exciting, scary, fun yet we learn so many things. Enjoy Beachin’ 😉