Gone but not forgotten..

“Once you get attached you’re f*cked”

I don’t know what to feel upon reading this line. You know why? Because I am totally f*cked up. I never thought that they would leave a mark in me, inside me. I thought we were just colleagues that after this contract we’re all fine, but we’re not because WE ARE FAMILY. The unforgettable bonds, the crispiness of  each other’s laughter, the inside jokes that sometimes hits you real hard, the unending insults we throw from each other, those drinking-sesh we had every freakin’ Friday (or in the middle of the week or when someone is heart broken or a year-end party), those times when we got so drank and took bunch of videos and shameless photos. Those were the times when we trusts each other, those were the times when we became a family. A family that is not related by blood but a family that is related by bond.

I don’t want to end what we have started. The moment when we are little by little falling off from the tree. It has been a very long journey, my friend. A journey that ended very soon. We don’t know what will happen next but rest assured that what we have, and what happened to us stays in my heart ♥️.


We are family 

I was at the cliff and i am thinking to end my life, i was emotionally hurt, physically tired. I felt so useless. I felt like no one is lending their ears for me to listen to, i felt like the world is turning back on me, i have no one at that moment, and i only have myself ☹️ I was actually smiling outside as if nothing’s happened, as if there’s no problem but deep with in me i was killing myself, i wanted to end the sufferings, the trials, the circumstances, the people and my life. One night i was wondering what is wrong with me, why am i experiencing these stuffs, why is it that i have no one? I felt sorry for myself for giving too much attention to everyone without unknowingly thinking about myself. “I am not a type of person to give up on someone. Yes, sometimes i get really mad and upset so i need a minute to cool off but i’ll never abandon you. I don’t leave people, and I think thats why it always hurts so bad when people left me”. I was deeply in pain, secretly 😔 i was. At the same night, I dreamt of God. Yes, I did. He is sitting under the Aspen Tree 🌳 he invited me, he asks me why am i thinking such things when in fact i have Him 👆🏽I can always talk to Him, anytime anywhere, no matter what I have him and He gave me my family and friends. I told him “but i felt like they don’t care with me” and He says “tell them what happen, tell them what is the problem, they may not help you but i know they can boosts you and it can help with your decisions”. I woke up early and realize that i shouldn’t end what He gave me and with that conversation I realize “no man is an island 🌴” I have him 👆🏽, I have my family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 and i have my friends 👯 So, if you feel like giving up with life don’t think twice in sharing it with your confidant 😊 we are all one family here so let’s help each other, drop that crab mentality, drop that jealousy, drop it all. Let’s held our hands, stand still & strong to face every storm that may come our way!

You have me, I have you because we are one family.

Hold on even if you feel like giving up ✨

To all those who feel like giving up, i tell you DON’T. God has place the best spot in you, he knows what he’s doing so WAIT but do your own duty strive for your goals and give your best shot 🎯. He will give what your heart desires ❤️
I know sometimes you feel jealous with your friends, they were having a good job, they traveled often, they pay bills, they can buy whatever they want, they can do anything but friend let me tell you this don’t be maybe its not yet your time, we all have our own time if you like left behind, no you’re not my friend you were just right on your time. You don’t need to compare yourself with them you are different in many ways, you have your own unique way. I know and i can feel your mourn. Maybe you felt like you didn’t reach your goals yet, maybe you’re not happy with your phase right now, maybe you failed alot of things, maybe you aren’t what you want to be. But you are trying right? believe me every time you are trying you are growing 🙃 and i think that makes you who you wanted to be.
One of the best motivation you’ll ever have is the people around you, supporting to whatever decision you may have in your life, the persons who believed in you, in your capacity who believes what you can do. Isn’t it the best feeling when someone says “go for it, you can do that. don’t loose hope! keep trying, i believe in you” right? Always be mindful someone believes in you! Your parents believes in you. God believes in you. So don’t give up. If you feel like giving up because you were already tired and you think you gave your best its okay just rest but don’t give up. Everything will be paid off, and the best part of it? it’s what your heart desires ❤️ Good things happen for those who wait. Be a fighter! No matter how many times you tripped, always stand still and continue walking! Life maybe hard but i know you are tougher that you thought.

There’s always a reason to hold on and keep going! You can do that! Fighting 💪🏿

I dream to be..

I dream to be a traveler, who would savour the worlds best.
I dream to be an actress, where everyone would love to watch me in the screen.
I dream to be a writer, that people buy my books and would see their smile as i inspire them.
I dream to be billionaire, buy all of the thibgs i never had.
I dream to have my own charity where i can gave what i have.

Dreams. Dreams. Dreams!

PS: Photo’s are not mine

Beachin’ 🐚

it’s summer loves! how was the heat of the sun? ☀it was 5am in the morning when i thought of going into the beach. as i stared into the blank expression of the water facin’ me i come to realize that life is like a beach

sometimes you are calm, sometimes you are not.

inside ourselves there hides a million feelings we had just like the ocean it has many different species deep down there. oceans are mysterious just like you yourself. life is like an ocean some people might leave their footprints to it but as time passes by waves (those waves were the circumstances we face) will come and fades them up, only those who stand still and never leave remains.
Enjoy being an ocean, its exciting, scary, fun yet we learn so many things. Enjoy Beachin’ 😉

Fixin’ a cassé seele

It was 3 am and i was still awake, i am full of emptiness inside me. Still in the midst of realizing i was left alone…again. Thinking what are the possible things i’ve done wrong. I can feel the pain that injects my heart directly to my soul. I am always saying that he is the last but then fate was actually playing with my emotion. I know that i am too young to be like this but i am mature enough to do things so.

The cold crystal like water that slides down thru my fatty cheeck that hits me into damn reality, WE WERE NEVER BE GETTING BACK TOGETHER. I know i am a fool on my own self because i am loving a person i didn’t meet personally, you can judge the hell out of me and i hella don’t care it’s my life anyway. Just how fast the season change and so do him. I woke up one morning that you changed.. A lot. Everything in you, the way you text and all. I tried to renew what we have last year but i think i can’t anymore. Im just a little girl who have lost in a moment.  You may have too many flaws but i see the whole of you the real you. Thank you for sharing your life with me even though we never met each other, thank you for showing how real you are to me 💘

The wound is the place where the light enters you- Rumi