Fixin’ a cassé seele

It was 3 am and i was still awake, i am full of emptiness inside me. Still in the midst of realizing i was left alone…again. Thinking what are the possible things i’ve done wrong. I can feel the pain that injects my heart directly to my soul. I am always saying that he is the last but then fate was actually playing with my emotion. I know that i am too young to be like this but i am mature enough to do things so.

The cold crystal like water that slides down thru my fatty cheeck that hits me into damn reality, WE WERE NEVER BE GETTING BACK TOGETHER. I know i am a fool on my own self because i am loving a person i didn’t meet personally, you can judge the hell out of me and i hella don’t care it’s my life anyway. Just how fast the season change and so do him. I woke up one morning that you changed.. A lot. Everything in you, the way you text and all. I tried to renew what we have last year but i think i can’t anymore. Im just a little girl who have lost in a moment.  You may have too many flaws but i see the whole of you the real you. Thank you for sharing your life with me even though we never met each other, thank you for showing how real you are to me 💘

The wound is the place where the light enters you- Rumi

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